In which I disagree with faceborg’s choices

Third places, open late are going to become increasingly VITAL TO DEMOCRACY as faceborg doubles down on increasing social isolation and polarization. I do not approve of this move, except in that it really does line faceborg up for being replaced by something less toxic to society. If I were a jillionaire I'd take this … Continue reading In which I disagree with faceborg’s choices

Regenerative thinking

Last night in a letter to a new acquaintance who had asked what regenerative agriculture was and how it varied from sustainable, I made this incredibly reductive statement: Sustainable is “we can continue this as-is indefinitely.” Regenerative is “we are making this better over the long term.” This of course doesn't cover all of it, … Continue reading Regenerative thinking

Crosspost from the faceborg: Papa John’s culture problem(s)

An article on asked “Can a chief people officer change Papa John’s culture?” and this was my off the cuff response/rant, originally posted on the faceborg:   Well I mean, one *could,* but this one probably won’t. Is it just me, or does it seem like a giant corporation who’ll be spending tens of … Continue reading Crosspost from the faceborg: Papa John’s culture problem(s)

Alive, precious and sacred

Here, have a delightful clip from Russell Brand’s podcast Under the Skin where he talks with Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics about the impact of a reductive climate change narrative, power dynamics, and moving away from the qualitative mindset [the economic metanarrative] and being initiated into a new kind of relationship with Earth [such … Continue reading Alive, precious and sacred