Penn Street Art Bridge

The Penn Street Art Bridge is a public art space in downtown York PA, across the street and through an alley from the Economic Alliance, and two blocks down from historic Penn Market. Everyone is welcome to paint, any time of day, with no permission needed.

The space creates a rolling gallery effect. Street artist collectives like YorkBombSquad have formed around the space, their work has been recognized and they’re getting commissions and putting up new murals throughout the city all the time.

Establishing the Penn Street Art Bridge is one of the accomplishments in York I’m proudest of, because it’s a real-world, physical example of the kind of non-obvious systems design I want to do massive amounts of. It’s a system that’s functioning beautifully despite only one third of the system being implemented prior to an administration change that halted the rest of the process.

The cascade effects of social infrastructure are significant. Almost any obstacle can be turned into opportunity. Our most pressing problems are also filled with potential for regenerative solutions. When we have access to adequate resources — freedom, funds, and fiercely creative people — we can do so much.