Past Projects

I began doing graphic design in the early 90s, during the wild west era of personal computer proliferation and the rise of the self-taught designer.

Having been raised by an artist, having a knack for pattern recognition, and being super-lucky about the art directors and craftsmen with whom I worked turned what started off as a novelty into an accidental career.

Coming into design through the printing end of things, I was able to do what I now know are skill shares with incredibly talented craftsmen whose jobs have been replaced by single clicks.

The experience really brought home how everyone has something interesting and/or useful to share, and everyone has things they can learn.

After decades in agency and corporate design, I stepped back from the industry to pursue other passions and today, while I still do some design work (mostly pro bono work for community organizations) the closest thing I have to a portfolio at the moment is a grouping of past projects shared on Coroflot.