Strengths, personality, art, and general oversharing

My Gallup Strengths. Everyone has superpowers. Let’s learn them and learn to use them well. (Futuristic + Activator + Ideation + Connectedness + Strategic)

Born this way. A story about me as a baby, as told by my biological father. Accurate.

Art Exhibits | Photography | Various Creative Pursuits

Bio. The long short version.

Mom. I’m so grateful for the worldview and concepts of “success” she instilled in me. We are here to use our gifts in service to all life.

Ancestors. We are the result of the love of thousands.

DNA:  33.5% Scandinavian  |  22.5% English  |  22.0% North and West European  |  17.5% Irish, Scottish and Welsh  |  3.3% Greek  |  1.2% Nigerian

Astrology. The woo goes to eleven.

Myers Briggs: ENFJ  |  Astrology: Taurus

5 artists that resonate:
Jackie Morris, Gabriel Tamaya, Brian Andreas, Purkey, and Rothko

5 books that resonate:
Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth;
Team Human, by Douglas Rushkoff;
Monoculture, by FS Michaels;
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein;
Loonshots, by Safi Bahcall

5 songs that resonate:
Woven, by Featherburn;
Oh, Had I a Golden Thread by Eva Cassidy;
Let It All Go, Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Beats Antique;
Snowden’s Jig, by Carolina Chocolate Drops