Posted elsewhere, repeated here: twang.

Thank you Jimmy Purkey for introducing me to both Aesop Rock and Brother Ali. Years ago I used to be one of those musically uppity/self righteous people who’d day the thing about liking all kinds of music except for twangy country* and rap.

Turns out that’s not the case.

There are genres I don’t dig, but there’s so much more I *love* than I realized because I had my assumptions and wasn’t consciously open to hearing more about it. Because human. Which so often translates to silly, but also translates to capable of delight.

What I (think I) know now is that I love most kinds of music especially where people are openly sharing their truth in a way that, consciously or otherwise, is aimed at uplifting and expanding the consciousness and connectedness of humanity, (and/or sounds fucking awesome.)

Anyhoo. Much appreciation, and someday maybe there’ll be words about the bridge bonding metaphors woven through these kinds of things.

How artists are points of coalescence between the mundane and the divine.

They can be wayfinders, though the strongest of those aren’t *usually* the ones who end up being mainstream/commercially popular.
Shushing now ~ and sharing the love. ❤

Addendum: Back to the “twangy” thing. Twangy drives me up a wall. It’s probably nothing to do with the actual soundwaves but rather every associated negative metaphor rolled up into one little element but still. Not a fan of the twang.

Twang is offset a lot ~ not enough, but a lot ~ by lyrics, and vibe.

Like Dave Carter’s prophetic When I Go (, or Gentle Solder of My Soul (, etc. Or the spirit of a thing, like Big Crow Medicine Show’s I Hear Them All (, Willie Nelson’s Write Your Own Songs — that kinda thing.

Not that it needed any clarification but damn near every time I type the word “twangy” I’m likely to get at least a couple of these stuck in my head until I listen them out, so yay youtubes and yammering 🙂

Biggest culprit? This one right here.

(Though I swear to all that is holy ~ which is everything ~ if ever I have the resources to do so I will commission covers of this particular song in styles that have ZERO freaking twang, lol!)

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