In which I disagree with faceborg’s choices

Third places, open late are going to become increasingly VITAL TO DEMOCRACY as faceborg doubles down on increasing social isolation and polarization.

I do not approve of this move, except in that it really does line faceborg up for being replaced by something less toxic to society.

If I were a jillionaire I’d take this opportunity to scoop up LJ, redesign it enough to improve the user experience, and nurture prosocial behaviors over nano-targeted ad revenue.

(Among other things, like televising the revolution, catalyzing UBI, yanking our agricultural system into regenerative methods with the speed and intensity of yanking a stray toddler out of traffic, and snorgling a bunch of bears.)

Anyhoo. The environment that typically cultivates things like faceborg don’t seem to cultivate the kinds of mindsets that do that kind of thing.

Blue ocean, baby. Blue ocean.

Anyhoo. Faceborg, I disagree with your choices.

Choosing to be more regenerative would make many things more awesome in a bunch of important ways.


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