Science says this cute video of bears is good for you.

No, really. We’re hardwired to love cute videos.
“…studies have found that the pleasure centers of our brains are actually lighting up when we see something cute because there is a rush of dopamine to the brain. It’s a response similar to when we eat sugar or have sex.” — Oriana Aragon, Yale psychologist. 

So, if you don’t already have one (or bunches), go make yourself a mood-adjusting playlist of cute videos for those times when the world is all wonky you need some serious cute. It helps. Pinky promise.

Baby goat in pajamas  |  Sloths squeaking  |  Sleepy duckling  |  Otters holding hands
Baby polar bear’s first steps  |  Bear belly flop  |  Crow and kitten are friends

Was this worth a whole page? Yes.
Because “misery fatigue” is an actual thing and it’s kind of killing us slowly. There are studies that say that quitting the news has more positive impact on your heart than quitting smoking.

(There are positive news sources popping up, like Huffington Post Good News, The Optimist, Yes Magazine, though. Look for the good stuff, and you can find it.)

But since there’s a lot of really important shit going on right now, and we need to stay engaged with the world, basically cute cat videos are an important part of the rEVOLution!