Tea. You may have met tea. It’s this whole big thing.

I used to hoard tea, now I just collect it. Eventually I’ll get around to collecting teacups too, (because I’m dainty af!) and will probably have a lot more tea parties and then there’ll be the ever-present danger of running out of tea which will mean more hoarding tea but fortunately, there’s plenty of tea to be had and at least five minutes until it’s an actual issue so there’s no reason to fret.

I blend tea, too. Mad Tea Science, I call it — it’s great fun and highly recommended.

Teas I’ve blended:
Signature tea blends at Adagio Teas, including Moonwaffle  Zombie Romance  Double Rainbow  Glimmer

Lebowski Blends at Adagio Teas, including Calmer Than You Are,   Shut the F*** Up Donny,  Abide,   Blow On Them,  Natural, Zesty Enterprise and others.

Teas my friends have blended:
The multi-talented Amy Blackthorn of Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends has whipped up a wide array of good juju in a cup (and some other things as well.) These are as much ritual items as they are beverages, perhaps even moreso depending on your mindset. Either way they’re worth checking out (especially my favorites, Crown Of Success and Helping Hand)